DIY Carpet Cleaning Pitfalls

DIY Carpet Cleaning Pitfalls

If you are a busy homeowner, and do not have much time to call a carpet cleaner and dedicate a day or two for them to properly clean your carpets, you can try to complete the cleaning process by yourself. However, there are both benefits and drawbacks to DIY carpet cleaning.

For example, if your carpets are only a little bit dirty, using a vacuum cleaner to clean them is usually enough. However, for carpets which have not been cleaned for years, DIY carpet cleaning might not be that beneficial.

In this article, we will tell you the most common mistakes in DIY carpet cleaning which can ruin your carpets.

Using Strong Cleaners

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make in DIY carpet cleaning is using chemicals which are very strong and harmful for their carpets.

Carpets are made with delicate materials, and depending on the type of stuff your carpet is made from, you will need to choose the right chemical as well.

If you have stiff carpets made with synthetic materials, it might be a good idea to use strong cleaning agents without damaging your carpet. However, for expensive carpets made with natural products like wool and cotton, using chemicals with high pH levels might be the worst decision you make.

Since you are not a carpet cleaning professional, we highly recommend that you look for good carpet cleaning companies Friendswood, and let them do their job.

Overusing Water

While you might think that more water might clean your carpets the better way, it can actually be dangerous for your delicate flooring. That is because carpets absorb lots of water, and if you use more water than is absolutely needed for the job, it can discolor your carpets. Moreover, if you do not wait for your carpets to dry properly, they can start giving rise to mold growth.