Some of The Best Curling Iron Tips

Some of The Best Curling Iron Tips

Curling your hair for some special occasions and looking classy seems like a good option, right? But mastering the art of curling iron (especially if you curl your hair yourself) isn’t that easy after all. Curling your hair the wrong way, using a wrong curl size and utilizing ineffective products can lead you to disappointment, as the curls will straighten themselves after a while.

This is where the tested tricks and hacks for using the curling iron come in, we’ve compiled a brief list of some of the most effective curling iron tricks that would help you get long lasting curls.

The Right Barrel Size

Barrel size is the basic thing on which everything else relies upon, and if you fail to choose the right curling iron barrel size for your curls, you’d probably end up being disappointed by the very results.

Most of the hair stylists use the 1.25 inch barrel size for curling purposes, this is a signature size that works for most of the women, and looks elegant. But if you want to do something different, then you might like the 1.5 to 2 inch size. The curls would be a bit bigger. And 1 going with the 1 inch barrel would result in much smaller curls (if you like them). But testing has proved that the 1.25 inch size works the best, and the curls of this size last the longest.

Change The Curling Direction

A thing that most of the women and even the stylists do wrong is that they curl the hair in just one direction (mostly away from your face), but you can enhance your look even further and make the curls look more natural by using the alternate direction technique.

In this technique, you have to alternate the direction of each curl, for example; one towards your face and the next one away from your face, and vice versa. Remember that the curls covering your face should only be directed away from your face (for added convenience). If you make all the curls in the same direction, that would make the hairs look like unnatural.

Curl The Hair Unwashed

If you’re reading this article an hour or two before the event, then this tip won’t work for you. But it is a great choice to shampoo (or whatever you use) your hair one day prior to the curling time. This way your hair would appear to be thinker because of the oil secreted by your scalp, and the curls would be firmer.

If you can’t live without washing your hair, use a dry shampoo , because they are especially designed to retain or add more volume to your hair, and higher the volume, firmer would be the curls. So, to get more hold and firmness, keep your hair u washed for at least one to two days, or use a dry shampoo to add more volume to your hair.

Some Bonus Tips

Here are some bonus tips for you:

  • The clamp of curling iron can get stuck with your hair, this happens with most of the women and might cause your hair to burn, so use that with precaution, or discover a better alternative.
  • After releasing the curl from the curling iron, you can hold the curl (immediately) until it cools down, this way it will retain it’s shape for a longer period of time.
  • Always point the barrel down (by holding it loosely), as this gives a natural touch to your curls. Remember that you can also hold it vertically up, but it is more difficult to master.