The Low Testosterone Problem in Men

The Low Testosterone Problem in Men

Testosterone is a male sex hormone. Although it is found both in men and women, men has a much higher amount of testosterone in their body as compared to women. The testosterone production in men increases at the time of puberty, and starts to decline after the age 40.

As men start to age, the testosterone levels in their body start to decline at the rate of around 1 percent each year. The hormone has lots of important functions to perform in the human body. Since this hormone is so important, its deficiency is sure to bring lots of problems, specially for men.

Here are some of the effects of testosterone deficiency in men.

Decline in Sex Drive

Testosterone is directly linked with a man appetite for sex. So, a decrease in testosterone can mean a decrease in sex drive as well. So, decreased sexual desire in men due to less testosterone production can be a real issue that most of the older men are seen concerned about.

A natural decrease in testosterone with age can also cause issues like infertility, low sex drive, problems regarding random erections. Usually, complex and extreme cases of testosterone deficiency can cause a problem like erectile dysfunction. However supplements like testo booster, or hormone replacement therapy can surely help in such conditions.

Changes in Your Body

Low testosterone levels can cause lots of issues with the physique of your body as well. This hormone is usually linked with increasing muscle mass in a male’s body.

A decrease in the testosterone level can cause problems such as increased fat in your body, brittle bones, hardships in digesting cholesterol, a feeling of fatigue, less hair on your body and many more. This such situations, you can increase your testosterone levels by adopting a number of methods to take your life back to normal.