What is a Civil Engineer?

What is a Civil Engineer?

Civil engineers oversee public construction projects like railways, highways, airports and other large projects run by the government or other large private construction companies.

When you hear the word “Civil Engineer”, a road, building or bridge might come to your mind. However, there are lots of other areas of civil engineering as well.

For example, the sewerage system and water system under our cities are designed by civil engineers as well. These systems are built to transport water from mountains and rivers into the cities, and to take sewerage out of the city through a protected system. These are the less visible creations of civil engineering, which are still very helpful and vital to the functioning of any big city.

Work of Civil Engineers

Civil engineering is one of the oldest types of engineering. It has been here since the time people first started making permanent settlements. It helps humans amend their environment according to their needs.

As more humans started to live in permanent settlements, big cities were formed, and this increased the demand for vital resources like water and a waste disposal system. Therefore, the noble profession of civil engineering was made to help deal with the modern issues of large human gatherings.

When we look back in history, we can see roads of the Roman Empire, pyramids of Giza, and many other historical instructions done by civil engineers. Appreciate them or not, civil engineers played a great role in the construction of mega projects in the past, and are still doing the same today.

If you want to do civil engineering Fresno, CA, you’ll have to complete at least a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. While this will help you take a start in the industry, you will need more time and education to progress.